Kabul’s snowy kisses

Every day when I drive to work, I can already see them. The mountains. They surround Kabul and send a promise of the wide distances that make up this country. And suddenly, unexpected but yet announced by the wind that turned colder and colder in the last days, even the snow has arrived.


An afghan friend dictated me the following sentence as I asked for afghan proverbs:


Kabul be zar boschat be baraf ne


Kabul might be without gold but not without snow



Snow might be my companion in the coming weeks and months. I can see it from afar when looking out of my window even at work. Patience, patience. Soon it will come into the city. And then it’ll show whether it glides down from the sky as powdery snow for a snowball fight or if it turns the unsurfaced streets into muddy clay slides…


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  1. if this post was likened to a flavor of yogurt, what flavor would it be? Banana, I think. 51327

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