How I nearly got electrocuted

On some mornings I feel I have left my brain in bed. Dazed and groggy, still half asleep, visualizing the dream in which I ran through a forest, I shuffle towards the bathroom just to discover that I’ve forgotten something. I run back to put the plug in for running water. The boiler heats up in no time to a comfy hot temperature and the water starts running and steaming in a synchronised symphonie.


 The shower head falls to the floor. What was that? I stare at the water dispensing metal shower head. Weird. What a foolish illusion that must have been!

I take the shower head up and just as I want to raise it to wet my brainless head, I’m being hit.


I stare at the metal shower head in disbelief. Every time I lift the metal extension above ground, I can feel my hand, even my arm vibrating. I take it into the other hand. Let’s try if it’s about my hand and if unexpectedly I get my first thrust of Parkinson with 25 years of age. But as I switch hands it’s the same effect. A faint stream of electricity runs together with the water through the shower head.

That’s stupid. I wanted to take a shower! No thought wasted that I am risking my life in this minute while standing under the shower if the electricity is for real. My morning brain just tells me: I’m freezing cold. I try out a variety of things and realise that I can’t feel the electricity anymore as soon as the extension to the shower head touches the ground. Ah, well, the electricity will be guided downwards, mh? Great. I can take my shower sitting. No problem.


While I happily shampoo my hair, I ask myself how this can be. Wouldn’t I have to fall down dead? I mean, what about the stories about hairdryers and bathtubs? I feel very inclined to experiment and boldly venturesome. At the same time a bit morning dull. What it ultimately comes down to would be an unfortunate headline in the news if I’d die of an electrical shock in the shower rather than through a bullet while I try to save a child’s life. But that’s how profane daily life and death can be. Even in Kabul.

((For the concerned reader: the electricity current was real and we’re waiting right now for the electrician to solve the lethal problem))



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3 responses to “How I nearly got electrocuted

  1. Petey

    I stayed in way too many guesthouses that promised hot water and had nothing of the kind – and I remember one giving me mild shocks, but I forget where that was.

  2. I wished to best wishes for this excellent read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it.I have you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff you post. My best regards, Berry.

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